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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Common Eye Problems That Can Strike Anyone

Your eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the body, as well as the most precious of our senses. It is hard to imagine any human existence without the gift of sight. It is this gift that has guided our evolution and advancement, both as species and as civilizations. Recollect any of your fondest memories - chances are, they had largely to do with your sense of sight. Whether it is a captivating scenery, a beautiful face, or a breathtaking work of art - all would be impossible without the gift of sight made possible through the eyes. Because the eyes are so delicate, they often tend to get inflicted with different problems and diseases. Common eye problems can range from poor eyesight to glaucoma, twitching, swollen eyes, etc. Let's take a deeper look at some common eye problems: 1. Twitching, Itching Twitching eyes are very common and almost everybody has been afflicted with this eye problem at one point of time or the other. Common causes of eye twitching are excessive caffeine consumption, stress, an anxiety attack, or fatigue. Itching of the eyes usually occurs due to the presence of some irritant in the eye. But it can also occur due to conditions such as Pink Eye Syndrome or Dry Eye Syndrome (in which the tear ducts fail to keep the eyes lubricated). Allergies can also cause eye itching. 2. Spots and Blurry Vision If you see spots before your eyes, it may be the precursor or early symptom of some serious medical conditions such as diabetes or even a stroke. Of course, many a times, this is caused due to fatigue and stress alone, but if this condition keeps on reoccurring, you should seek medical attention. Blurry vision is usually caused due to vision problems - nearsightedness or farsightedness. It can also be caused due to migraines or conditions like glaucoma. Blurry vision can typically be corrected by using appropriate lenses/glasses. If it is caused due to migraines, glaucoma or Dry Eye Syndrome, then you will need to take medication for these conditions. 3. Age Related Eye Problems The eyes function continuously throughout all our waking hours for much of our lives. With age, the muscles that control the eyes become weak, leading to several age related eye problems. These may range from glaucoma, cataracts, and presbyopia. Most of these conditions can be treated nowadays. 4. Other Common Eye Problems There are several other common eye problems, ranging from non threatening and easily curable to those that can cost you your eyesight. Color blindness, for example, is very common vision problem that is non-threatening. A color blind person is unable to differentiate between primary colors. At most, color blindness may exclude a sufferer from a few activities such as driving, etc. Opthalmology - the field of medicine associated with treating eye problems - has advanced tremendously over the past few decades. Today there are cures for all major eye problems, and scientists have even been working on a cure for blindness.

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