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Friday, May 6, 2016

Are You A Diabetic Patient? This Is For You.

A Confirmed Herbal Way To Absolutely Reverse
 Any sort of Diabetes And Be  
Free In A Free Aiable Time

Diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous primary dis order affecting the processing of carbohydrates with multiple etiologic factors that generally involve absolute or relative insulin deficiency, insulin resistance or both. All causes of diabetes ultimately lead to hyperglycemia, which is the hallmark of this disease.
Diabetes is typically classified into Type I, or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, in which patients have little or no endogenous insulin secretory capacity, and Type II, or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, in which patients retain significant endogenous insulin secretory capacity.
Diabetes mellitus is known in tradition Chinese medicine as depletion-thirst disease, characterized by polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria and emaciation.

Allow me to pass the solution on how you could effortlessly reverse your diabetes and get loose within the shortest possible time (if you are serious approximately this, make certain you read to the end)

look at a true life story and a testimony

“We ought to amputate his legs. today.” That’s what the medical doctor told him as he lay in a clinic mattress.

The blinding, florescent lighting fixtures buzzed overhead, and my nostrils filled with that bleach health center smell, overpowering me inside the cramped, cold room.

His spouse squeezed my hand, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“No,” she cried. “He can’t live the rest of his life in a wheelchair.”
“without the amputation,” the physician informed him, 
“he’ll pass on within a year.”
 He couldn’t accept as true with it. 

…the ailment that ran rampant through my body system, thrashing the blood vessels in my limbs, till it almost cut off the circulate to his legs.

The doctor made it clean that if he didn’t amputate, his legs might also need to rot like spoiled meat.

So what took place? And why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because of the reality… 

Symptoms of Diabetes 

Symptoms experienced by women and men:

  1.     increased thirst and hunger
  2.  frequent urination 
  3. weight loss or gain that has no obvious cause
  4.  fatigue
  5. blurred vision
  6. wounds that heal slowly
  7.  nausea
  8. skin infections
  9.  patches of darker skin in areas of the body that have creases
  10. irritability
  11. breath that has a sweet, fruity, or acetone odor
  12. reduced feeling in your hands or feet

It’s important to keep in mind that many people with type 2 diabetes have no noticeable symptoms
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Pathomechanism and Pathogenesis 

Diabetes occurs in association with the following etiologic factor:

1.    The spleen and stomach are damaged by overeating greasy food or by over-consuming alcohol, causing failure of the spleen in transporting and transforming which, in turn, causes interior-heat to accumulate and consume food body fluids, finally resulting in diabetes.
2.    Anxiety, anger, metal depression, etc. injure the liver, causing the liver qi to stagnate. Protractedly stagnated  liver qi turns into evil heat which consumes body fluids and eventually leads to diabetes
3.    Deficiency in the kidneys caused by intemperance in sexual life or congenital essence defect causes the kidney qi to wane; as a result, the kidney qi fails to maintain the functioning of the bladder in restraining urine discharge, thus polyuria occurs.
Differential Diagnosis of Syndromes
Traditional Chinese medicine identifies three types of diabetes: the upper depletion-thirst, the middle depletion-thirst, and the lower depletion-thirst. Differential diagnosis of syndromes is based upon these three types.

1.    Upper-warmer depletion-thirst diseases
Pathogenic heat consumes the lung yin, thus affecting the upper-warmer.
Primary manifestations: Severe thirst accompanied by dryness of the mouth and tongue, polyuria, reddened tip and margin of the tongue thin, yellow coating, and full rapid pulse.

2.    Middle-warmer depletion-thirst disease
Excessive fire of the stomach yin fluids.
Primary manifestations:polyphagia, emaciation, constipation, reddened tongue with dry, yellow coating, and slippery and strong pulse.
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3.    Lower-warmer depletion-thirst disease
a). Yin deficiency: A morbid state due to a defect in the kidney essence and consumption of the kidney yin.
Primary manifestations:  polyuria, turbid urine, dry mouth, reddened tongue with little coating, and weak and rapid pulse.

b). Deficiency of both yin and yang: A morbid state due to deficiency of the kidney yin and yang.
Primary manifestations:Severepolyuria, turbid urine, lassitude, spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath, impotence, dark complexion, pale tongue with white coating, and deep and weak pulse.

Functions of Diabetes/Diawell Tablets. 

•    Diabetes type 2
•    Chronic atrophic gastritis
•    Controls blood sugar
•    Reduces thirsty feeling.
This product is not recommended for pregnant woman keep out of the reach of children.

Golden Six

It relieves back pain caused by Kidney Yin deficiency

  •     Female Infertility
  •     Rheamatism
  •     Stroke
  •     Kidney disease
  •     Menstrual Cramps
  •     Diabetes Type II
  •     Athritis
  •     General Waist pain

 Diawell Tablets.

Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies three types of diabetes: the upper depletion-thirst, the middle depletion-thirst, and the lower depletion thirst.

  •     Effective for Diabetes type 2
  •     Effective for Chronic atrophic gastritis
  •     Regulates Blood Sugar
  •     Reduces thirsty feeling

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