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Friday, May 6, 2016

How Refresh Tea Revived My Sight(eye)

China is the homeland of tea. It is believed that china has tea-shrubs as early as five to six thousand years(5000-6000years.) and human cultivation of tea-plant 2000years ago respectively. At present more than 40countries in the world grow tea with Asian countries producing 90% of the world’s total output. Tea producing companies in other countries have their origin directly or indirectly from china.

The development of the society has brought convenient life, but at the same time it is a challenge for our health. Sitting in front of computer, spending less time on exercises, eating fast food, and living with polluted environment etc. all this modern life habits has easily caused so many problems. This is caused by much waste and bad bacteria being attached on our body for several days or even for years and this is harmful to our daily life.

Do you always feel tired at work time?
Do you feel it is difficult to concentrate in the meeting or classroom?
Do you always feel dehydrated even with less speech?
Are you always exposed to long tome radiation from computer?
Do you always experience sleepless night?

All the problem come from inbalance of yin-yang in our body, it is not caused by our work efficiency and personal working ability but by disorders inside our body.
Refresh Tea is effective for the problem above and it is essential for our health and a happy life.

Functions of Refresh Tea

·      ·       *\It clears the throat

·                *It makes you lively and smart

·       ·       *It clears internal heat and calms the body

·      ·       * It improves the functioning of the eye

·      ·       It is beneficial for computer

Because of the viability of Refresh Tea. NAFDAC put their trust on it and it is endorsed by them.. 


“For a very long time, I have been having problems with my eyes. I find it hard to read anything written in small letters. I was worried and was planning to go and see an Optician for an eye glass. When Refresh Tea came out for sales, I decided to use the product for a few time to see if my sight would improve. To my greatest surprise, all my children books that are written in tiny writings are bold and clear for me to read now. Sincerely speaking, Refresh Tea works. Mr. Jackson 08027014817

“wow! This drug was introduced to me sometimes ago(last year 2015) which I never pay attention to and I also saw it on this platform. But I decided to make a trial if it works GOOD and if it doesn’t GOOD. To my surprise I bought it not quite long and I’ve been seeing some drastically changes on my throat and my sight. Mrs temmy" 

     Get it for just N8,000 only

We know that you are eager to pay for this herbal tea

But, to show you that this real and it can help you to instantly get the respect you deserve from your partner, We have discussed with our shipping company to ship to you without having to pay to any of our company account

Once you see the device, you can pay for it.(its called Cash On Delivery)

How To Place An Order

Compose an sms in the following  format.

1 Full Name

2 Delivery Address

3 Phone Number

4. Refresh Tea

5. Your Best EMAIL Address.

Forward it to 07063588210

You got questions? 

send an email to:

        or call 07063588210. 

Our Office Address:
28, Gbadebo Street Beside Alafia Institute Mokola Market  way Mokola Ibadan

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