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Friday, September 4, 2015

Weight Loss: My True Life Story On How I lost 10kgs In 2 Weeks

You are welcome to weight loss page.

I'll like to share you my WEIGHT LOSS story. 

How I lost 10kgs in 2Weeks, without starving and with eating foods that I love right out of my kitchen!

My Story
I’m  Adeola  a mother  of one...

From when I was a kid I was told that being overweight was inevitable for me;

.. of course I didn’t want to hear it! I swore I would be the exception. 

I always had a disdain for being overweight and vowed to fight it to the end.

. Surely enough I soon began to deal with the tendencies once puberty kicked in.

still I managed to stay slim enough well into my late teens and early twenties without much effort.

But then the real battle began.(I used to weigh 113kg).  As I began to pile on the kgs, I also formed the habit of yoyo dieting. 

When I got too big, I would go starving for days till I lost it and then the whole cycle would start all over again! I came up with the weight loss products that promised I would lose 10kg in 20 days! Looking back at it now (knowing all that I now know) I wondered how anyone in their right sense of mind would ever believe that! 

I remember going on the ‘marvel weight loss’  program, a 20 days is all this "marvel  weight loss burner" need to burn everything fat inside any human body - man, woman, aged, boy, girl etc.. and return the body to the fat-less state it was in those sweet 14 days.

 Now this program does work, I did lose the weight quickly,

Here is my picture

..Here comes the baby!

Anyways, I kept at this yoyo dieting until I got married. I was weighing about 80kg at the time. I immediately got pregnant and felt like finally I could eat anything and at any time I wanted because I was pregnant and eating for two, right?

 ..Big mistake number one!

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I ballooned so big within 9 months  by the time my precious little girl arrived I had gone from about 80kg to 90kg plus! But that my dear is not the end of it. 

You know how people tell you that because you are nursing, you shouldn’t watch what you eat? Well I believed them!

..Big mistake number two!

And by the time my daughter was one, I had gained more!

...Wake up call!...
My husband is a naturally lean bodied fellow who would never be overweight even if he tried.

 And one of the concerns he had before we got married was that I could be overweight much later in life unless I committed to doing something about it.

 Being fit is extremely important to him because we are committed to being successful in every area of our lives as well as modeling that success to inspire others.

Plus that, we lead a public life, and if you do, you know that image is just as important as who you are on the inside.

So as soon as I put to bed, he began hounding me about having a plan to lose the weight, and that I was gaining,

Of course I fought back with my usual excuses; I am nursing! I would lose it all as soon as I stopped nursing, and by the way, I wasn’t that big and how could he understand, he didn’t have to carry a baby for nine months and then have to nurse it for another year or two!

Or was this the way he married me and so on and so forth! Typical right?

To cut a long boring story short, shortly after my baby turned one, my husband confronted me bitterly about the issue. I could tell he was really affected by the whole issue and decided after that one conversation that maybe I should start really doing something about it.

So the first thing I did was to go get a weight scale because I really didn’t know what I was weighing and didn’t think I was ‘that bad’. So I stepped on the scale and behold (drum roll) I weighed in at an amazing how-in-the-world-did-I-get-here 100kg! Wake up call! I had gained a whooping 10kgs! I couldn’t believe it!
...That same day, I visited the distributor lady in her office..

"MarvelWeightloss Burner " (MWB)

 This tea serves as protector and cleaner for the digestive system in our body, and bathes the colon by the process of softening the waste on the intestine wall, decomposing and removing it out of our body, thereby keeping the endocrine system normal.

That‘s an effective way to detoxifies the body system, eases stomach and get rid of feces and non specific toxins.
Functions of the Colon Cleansing Tea
* It cleanses the colon and the gastro-intestinal tract.

* It detoxifies the body system.

* It eases stomach and intestinal peristalsis.

* It boosts appetite.

Magilim is a weight management program that helps you shed weight in areas like your tummy, thighs, arms and all over It also expel toxin and balance blood sugar.. It works within 14days and would not  need to continue if you aren’t so big. You  would lose between 5-10kg  in 14 days. .

A pack of Magilim will  last for 10 days And 2pack of magilim will  last for 20days/
Magilim  is made up of strictly natural ingredients.

Has No negative side effects and detoxifies you as well.
So, to cut the long story short...

I got the complete pack of the product.(Two Pack)
Initially, I took their promise of
having an  unprecedented result in 20 days as one of those jokes.

But Whaat?

 I got just that in less than 10 days.

My testimony came in the 9th day.Nobody believed it.

My hubby thought I was going insane. It took him 1 week and 5 days to come low and ask me what's up.

Hence, this site was born... through which I've been able to share my story, motivate
as many people as possible... and at the end help them get the same solution cheaper than

I got it.
Here we have... over 50 persons transformed already and still counting.

Officially, they call it Magilim, but I call it the "Marvel Weightloss Burner " (MWB)

Because of the viability of Magilim. NAFDAC put their trust on it and it is endorsed by them A7-0465L

Here Is The One Of The Faster Slimming Belt That Makes You Slim Quicker.
 It is great for the abdomen, waist, back and hips. It also helps to eliminate toxins and cellulites.

Major Benefits of this Slimming Belt

* It enhances the burning process of excessive body fat which helps to have a slim body shape together with weight reduction. It would be more effective along with healthy food and simple normal life.

* The design for spiral vibration massage way is equal to a basic exercise effect. It is therefore most useful for persons not able to find time for exercise.

* The belt could be use under any kind of environment yet it still gives you the joy and pleasure as if you are taking a massage at home for relaxation.

* Spiral vibration massage can strengthen the digestion process thereby ejecting the toxic substance that remains in the body.

* It also promotes blood circulation, endure freshness for the skin and let muscle restore elastic.

  • An innovative products which utilizes the patented Twin Power Osimotion (TPO) to give you an effective oscillating massage.
  • The patented TPO is a unique symmetrical Double-Point Massage Technology which is more in line with natural symmetrical human body. 
  • TPO provides a more balanced treatment (working on both sides of the body at the same time), thus ensuring a more effective and efficient (time saving) therapy.
  • The product is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum fit and comfort.This product is equipped with a stand alone heating function designed to allow you maximum flexibility in the choice of features.
  • A manual mode with 5 variants of speed and intensity.
  • A rhythmic massage programmer which integrates different massage speed and intensity.The sleek remote control makes control easy and simple.
  • Oscillating movement indicators provide a clear understanding of the massage movementAuto-timer function of 10 minutes for all modes.
  • A trim-lined carrying case is also included to provide added comfort while on the move.

PRICE: N70,000
Note: Due to our esteem customers that cant afford the N70,000 We are selling it out for N60,000 while stocks last

Yes! I mean N60,000+free shipping


Reasons why This Program is For You

* If you're the type with Fat thigh, love handles, fat around your arms or If you want to get a flatter belly and get back your astonish body.

* If you are the busy type that goes to work very early (like 5.30am) and return back home late in the night (9 or 10pm) and you are looking for a very easy but effective fat loss program with results.

* If you are tired of using the gym center to get rid of excess ugly fat and its not working for you 

* If your colleague at work or your neighbour had in one time or the other laughed at you making jokes or comment on your Fat chubby belly and you want this to end

*If you have lots of dresses you have abandoned in your wardrobe just because of your bigger size and they no longer fit anymore.

...then this Magilim Fat Loss Program is for You!!! And below is how to get one today.

I'll be giving you A Chance to buy Magilim at a very discounted Price for Just This Week Only:

For Just N18,500 only for one Pack and A Pack of Colon Tea!!! + Free Shipping

OR N36,000 only for Two pack + Free Shipping

Here's How to Get Yours Today and Pay On Delivery:

 write down this number. 07063588210

How To Place An Order
Compose an sms in the following  format.
1 Full Name
2 Delivery Address
3 Phone Number
5. Your Best EMAIL Address.

6. Indicate the numbers of pack (i.e  One  Pack Of Magilim, If you are going for 2 packs of magilim which will last for two weeks. Send 2 packs of magilim)

Forward it to 07063588210.

You got questions?

send an email to:
call 07063588210.

Pick Up From Our Marketing Office Cash N Carry.
Our Office Address:
28, Gbadebo Street Beside Alafia Institute Mokola Market, way Mokola Ibadan.

Thank you for your time. I wish you all the best...

 Your friend, 

Adeola Victor

WARNING: It is not allowed for pregnant women and children under the age of 12




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