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Friday, August 21, 2015

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Put You Through On The New Business

The world is currently running on a network frequency and your network is equal to your
Networth. If you don't buy a place/matrix position in the business of the 21st century, you'll be obsolete just like Nokia Take time to build up network business today.

YOUR HEALTH COURT: It is a well known fact that we pay more attention to visible things than the invisible things whereas, the origin of visible things is from the invisible.

 Come to think of it,we care so much for our car,the cloth we wear,how our sitting room look like than our body. Your car deserve new engine oil,new tyre and daily/weekly fuel refill, your room deserve a new decent look which everything call for thousands of Naira but, reverse is the case when it come to your Health/ general body maintenance.

Many people including me before I join an Health Organization,I don't believe that my body deserve any special attention unless I got sick and any drug cost more than #70 paracetamol is too cost and very expensive. Does the statement "HEALTH IS WEALTH" have meaning in your dictionary? World Health Organization (WHO) recommended RED for everyone of us.

RED mean danger if you don't observe them. The Healthcare is an international health organization under the umbrella of WHO,the company had good health training session for their member, also have product that cure many illness/diseases, the company use networking marketing method to market their product but, is not compulsory or necessary for any member, the company give product to every member at reasonable price called company Price.

The company still pay some percent to their member monthly. Medical is important,is either you register with one Hospital or with this international healthcare .

 If you register with the company, you have the opportunity to take good care of your family member by yourself and get some monthly bonus. If you register with Hospital, you give someone else the chance to get rich whenever you are struggling with your health and they expect you to come back in a couple of weeks to pay more,think twice.

 This company have product that cures the following illness/disease: fibroid without operation,arthritis, rheumatism, typhoid fever,staphylococcus, hepatitis, Diabetes, hypertension, Halitosis, stretched mark,body odour,pilled skin,Male/female infertility, infection, Gonorrhea,Cataract,Glaucoma etc...

 1. If you can spend #5000+ on call cards, data subscriptions in a month or even a week, you have no reason not to register on The health company that will better your life with just #4000only.

2. If you can spend #5000 on cosmetics in a month, you have no reason not to register what can make you a billionaire within 10years or less than.

 3. If you can buy a phone of #25,000-#150,000, you have no reason not to register what your children and grand children and great grand children will be proud of in future.

 4. If You can go to mr biggs, shoprite, tantalazer, al-nasi'a, Aminci, tulips, frezelers and spend #5000, #10,000, #15,000 than you have no reason not to register a business than can make you well recognised and well known

 5. If you can buy a phone for your girl friend, pay for her make-up, buy her ice cream, call cards, shoes, fancy clothing than you have no reason not to register what will rewrite your family history.

 6. If you can buy shoes, clothings, etc that worth over #10,000, then you have no reason not to register a business that will buy cars, homes (not houses), mansions for you in few years.

7. If you can buy suya meat of #5000 and eat with friends, then you have no reason not to join a company that will take you to china, Dubia, south African, U. A.E, etc

 8. If can spend over #10,000 in a cinema, or a stadium, than you have no reason not to register a business that will give your life assurance of #10m or more than.

9. if you can spend alot of money on movies and films, you have no reason not to register with a company that will sponsor your children education in china.

10. If we can spend money on things that are not too necessary, i see no reason you cant register with will make our lives great, give us homes and comfort, make us to be recognise in our society, make our children and great grand children better than us.

So to join THE INTERNATIONAL HEALTHCARE COMPANY is just #4000 only I think showing off my secret business is a great way of bringing up people who cant eat 3meal a day.

Let's make it together and cruise our rides.

How To Join The Business Compose an sms in the following  format.

1 Full Name
 2 Address
3 Phone Number
 4. Interested in mlm
5. Your Best EMAIL Address.

 Forward it to 07063588210 

You got questions?  

 send an email to: or call 07063588210.  

Our Office Address: 28, Gbadebo Street Beside Alafia Institute Mokola Market  way Mokola Ibadan

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